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About Us

First, let me tell you what we are not. We aren’t a regular clothing brand, another large industry with adults in suits and ties trying to sell shirts. Here is what we are:

Fun. Adventure. Outdoors. Treehouses. Getting Dirty. Fart Jokes.  Being a boy. Imagine a brand that reflects all that and more. Only one brand does. (Thank god) Introducing BARF.

Barf Brands is connecting with the millions of boys who are searching for a brand they can truly call their own. A brand that reflects their language, sense of humor, likes, dislikes, and their indestructible sense of wonder and optimism. Barf isn’t just about clothes, Barf is an ideology, a mission, an adventure to break out of the grid. When we think of Barf, we think of “The Sand Lot” “The Goonies” and “The Hardy Boys”  When my dad was a kid, he would go outside at sunrise, and come back for dinner, no phones, just his imagination, friends, and a lot of dirt. Be a part of the Barf Movement! 

We plan to offer a wide range of products like apparel, back to school, bedroom and bathroom accessories, books, toys etc. by working with various licensees. Barf brand items will reflect all that is great about being a kid.

Below you’ll see some adorable fraternal 9 year olds rocking our gear 


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